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Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist

Description: A holistic nutritionist helps patients see the connection between mind, body, and spirit. They help patients with the nutritional changes needed in their diet in order to improve their health. They use herbs and other natural remedies to prevent and cure ailments.

Knowledge Required: Biology, physiology, psychology, nutrition

Skills: Strong communication and listening skills, patience, and commercial skills are required. Practitioners must be comfortable working with patients and be able to inspire confidence.

Career Path: Enrolling in a holistic nutritionist program and becoming certified is necessary to become a holistic nutritionist. Most practitioners are self employed. A small number teach, conduct research, or work in clinics.

Best Cities for this job: Cities and small communities where there is a concentration of patients seeking alternative medicine. San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz have high concentrations of Chinese medicine practitioners.

Median Annual Income: National: $40,000 CA: $45,000

Future Growth: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 20% increase in employment, much faster than average.

From the Field: "By making the proper food choices, you can avoid a lot of health issues including hereditary problems, such as heart disease and diabetes." - Eileen C., Holistic Nutritionist

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